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We believe that federal policy has been mistakenly focused on how limited funding should be rationed to certain sub-populations and programs, rather than demanding that funding be increased to the levels needed to end homelessness now.

Many local and state organizations have been forced to compete for limited funding through “continuum of care” entities, rather than joining forces and mobilizing for increased federal funding and greater flexibility to meet the crisis of increased homelessness in our communities.

The NCH Membership is designed to provide a greater opportunity for organizations led by persons experiencing homelessness as well local, state and national organizations committed to action at the federal level to end homelessness to have their voices heard in policy discussions and advocacy at the national level.

Organizational membership is vested with the rights to elect the NCH Board of Directors and to set the organization’s strategic direction, annual advocacy and policy priorities. Individual members gain access to committee meetings and a membership committee that elects voting representatives.

Suggested membership dues are as follows:

Membership Type Suggested Membership Dues
Individual $50 (or whatever you can afford)
Organization, Annual Budget Under $50,000 $25
Organization, Annual Budget $50,000-$99,999 $50
Organization, Annual Budget $100,000-$199,999 $100
Organization, Annual Budget $200,000- $499,999 $200
Organization, Annual Budget $500,000-$1 Million $500
Organization, Annual Budget Over $1 Million $1,000